Ming Chuan University

The primary responsibility of instructors at the English Language center is to teach Practical English and handle the testing of students. In addition, some instructors volunteer their time to develop teams and clubs that involve the use of English.

The clearest example of this in our department is Ken Wilhelm. Ken is the most active of all our faculty in promoting extra-curricular activities. He is the coach of the English speech contest team and has been the coach of the badminton team, as well as teaching the sport in the International College of Ming Chuan. In case you don’t know, the Ming Chuan English speech contest team is probably the best in Taiwan. Ken’s students dominate almost every contest they enter. In fact, Jerry Lin, a fourth-year Tourism student placed first in Taiwan last year. Another student of Ken’s placed fourth.

Instructors are frequently called upon to act as judges for the elimination rounds of the English speech contest team. In addition, the Department of Applied English (DAE) holds English drama contests every year, where students perform and sometimes even write their own short dramatic presentations. Faculty are also asked to help with the English Club’s regular meetings and with their annual English composition contest.

While many faculty members never become involved in these sorts of activities, they are numerous. For the English Language Center and the English Department to flow smoothly, it is necessary for at least some teachers to spent a significant amount of time volunteering time for activities like these.


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