The Financial Problems of the English Village in Korea

In a post last year, I discussed some of the financial problems being encountered by the English Village in Korea. I cited an official US Department of Education website that these projects were encountering numerous financial obstacles effecting their construction. Mark at Doubting to Shuo pointed me to this article from the Korean Joong And Daily reporting on the continued problems of these projects.

The English villages that regional governments in Korea have spent millions of dollars are not making ends meet. Twenty-one English villages in the country are in the red, living off subsidies, the prime minister’s office has said.

I wonder what effect this is going to have on the construction of these parks in Taiwan? An English Village is currently being operated in Kaohsiung County, and Ma Ying Jeou, the newest president in Taiwan, made the  campaign promise to build more of them.

Interested readers might want to have a look at the post on this news from the Pinyin News. It is very interesting because it links to another Pinyin News discussion of Latin Villages operated in the 17th Century.



Not to scrutinize the system, but what school really makes money. You can not set up these ‘villages’ to begin rolling in the money in just one year of operation. And just like any other public school (seeing that they are run by the same department and many are actually run out of schools), how can you expect them to be business ready?

You build these facilities, sometimes blocks within each other (or out in the country somewhere), limiting your market. The construction cost on some is enormous. You pump huge amounts of money into them to hire foreign teachers. You do not test the market… you just go ahead and build 30 without a sample(They are actually building an ‘English city’ now:

And all this done in just the past 2 or 3 years! You hire educators to set up a business… you will not make money. You hire business people to set up an education system… you have corruption and lack of quality education.

Take your pick Korea


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