What Ever Happened to Those Foreign Teachers in Elementary Schools?

After all the hoppla, you’d have thought that we’d have heard more from the MOE about all those foreign teachers they were going to hire. Afterall, JET had a press conference when they started. Remember, the Taiwan teachers were supposed to be highly qualified, extremely well paid (by local standards) teachers injected into needy schools. Apparently, they have been hired and placed in schools, but you’d never know this from public information, and no one where I teach seems to know anything about this. Even tealit (Or should I say especially tealit?) doesn’t seem to have any recent information about this.

Has anyone heard anything from them? Does anyone know one of these teachers? Do you even know where one is teaching? They have simply vanished off the face of the planet.

Here’s what I think happened.

The MOE wasn’t able to get the cooperation and planning that they needed to hire the teachers they wanted. They were only able to hire teachers with the same type of qualification and background as typical bushiban teachers. They were sent off to rural areas and told to stay quite. After all the public debate and discussion of what kind of teachers the MOE would be hiring, how good they would be, and how much they would be paid, there’s no way in the world they can show the taxpayers of Taiwan what they actually got.

Or that’s what I think


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