The Berlitz Union

As I noted back in this post, Berlitz has unionized its teachers. Apparently, this is a world-wide move. I have found some links related to this.

This blog appears to be connected to the union. It also contains a link to the website of the illegal Korean Teachers and Education Worker’s Union. I found this Youtube video which appears to made to promote Berlitz in Vancouver. The Vancouver office is also unionized and a comment to the video contains what appears to be a quote from a teacher stating that he or she is very happy working there. Youtube contains a large number of what appear to be commercial videos promoting Berlitz.

Despite this, the website of the Berlitz Union states that working conditions for Berlitz teachers vary from place to place. In Korea,

Berlitz Korea put its teachers in an illegal position by breaking immigration law with false contracts and paid travel units (units spent outside the building) that are illegal for teachers in Korea. Teachers are deported with a 2 million won fine when caught. Teachers report that Berlitz Korea are forcing them out of company housing and charging 7% above the base lending rate for key money on new apartments.


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“the illegal Korean Teachers and Education Worker’s Union”?? This union has been legal for 8 years.


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