Fan Sun-lu (范巽綠)

Fan Sun-lu (范巽綠) is the Assistant Minister of Education for the ROC. Whenever you hear the Ministry of Education say something about foreign teachers in public schools, it is Fan Sun-lu who made that statement.

There are three Assistant Ministers in the ROC-MOE. Fan Sun-lu is the one who was politically-appointed. She is not a civil servant. She is a professional member of Taiwan’s ruling party, the DPP. She was a member of the organization when it was still illegal and has served 2 terms in the Legislative Yuan as a DPP member. It is difficult to determine what her educational background is, but Who’s Who in the ROC states that she holds an MA from Tamkang University. While she has served on educational committees, it is not clear to me from anything she has been quoted as saying that she has any particular expertise when it comes to education or teaching.

Ms. Fan’s service to the ROC has not been without controversy. Following the 921 Earthquake, she was accused of graft by a Taichung-based high school. No legal action resulted from these accusation. More recently, Administrative Assistant Minister of Education Lin Chao-hsien was pressured into resignation following conflict with Fan during the scandal surrounding Jin-Wen Institute of Technology. While the situation that brought about Lin’s resignation originated in public statements he made about Ms. Fan, the dispute reflects a continuing problem in the MOE between bureaucrats appointed to the MOE during KMT times and officials appointed by the DPP since their election in 2000.

Ms. Fan is also connected to the demand by MOE officials that foreign brides (and here I suspect she means the ones from Indonesia and Vietnam, rather than Canada and the USA) must receive training in Mandarin to live in Taiwan. She has taken a very strong stand against corporeal punishment in schools and allowing students free choice of hair style. She is also involved in the promotion of putting rural schools on-line (also see this link). In general, Ms. Fan’s policies have moved toward a more liberal and creative school system.

NOTE: A recent addition to the official MOE English page provides more information about Assistant Minister Fan. This information is provided about Ms. Fan’s background. The site also provides this speech she gave earlier this year.

Check out this post that describes the circumstances surrounding her resignation.


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