King Car Announces Plans to Build Second English Village

I’d like to thank Mark S. for bring my attention to this news from Taiwan Headlines about the King Car Education Foundation. Morgan Sun, director of the foundation, invited governments from all over Taiwan to join him in his new found project.

“All counties and cities interested in building up a program are welcome to talk to us by Nov. 15, ” Sun said, adding that it will only take an estimate of NT$6 million to establish an English Village because the foundation planned to utilize abandoned classrooms across the country and turn them into situational classrooms.”

In addition, the cost of teachers is extremely low. “Expenditures to hire 10 English teachers will cost around NT$2 million annually.” That works out to NT$200,000 per teacher per year or somewhere less than NT$1000 a day. I suspect all this includes health insurance and other benefits.

Sponsorship from corporations will definitely ease the financial burden in setting up these institutions, Sun said. Currently, EVA Air and the International Commercial Bank of China’s Cultural and Educational Foundation have pledged to sponsor the situational classrooms. Sun encouraged more local companies from the hotel, high tech, and other industries to contribute to Taiwan’s English education. However, Sun insisted on undertaking the project with “civil effort” rather than directly cooperating with governments because going through the endless official procedures would be a “waste of time.” English Villages will be financially supported by the local government, corporate sponsors, visitors and the foundation itself, Sun noted.


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