The World Association of Universities and Colleges

There is currently a posting on Dave’s ESL Cafe about a bachelor’s degree program run by a commercial organization called International TESOL. There are many groups with similar names and this group should not be confused with the highly respected TEFL International. It’s a really long story, but my history with Dave’s and International TESOL goes back a long way. This happened so long ago, in fact, that I can’t drag up the threads on Dave’s. Suffice it to say that I question the ability of International TESOL certification to get anybody a job they couldn’t get without this certification. When I asked them about their degree and its usefulness in the English teaching job market, International TESOL had this to say…and the mistakes were in the original,

We have had many grads use their degree to work in Korea. Our degree is just like any other degree offered in America. American degrees are well acceoted worldwide. Any otehr questions
please ask.

In another e-mail, they stated,

Yes you can. Our degree is an accredited American degree.

So that’s what International TESOL has to say, but they’re wrong.

Anyhow, if you go to International TESOL’s webpage describing their bachelor’s degree, you find the claim that they are accredited by a group called the World Association of Universities and Colleges. This page links to a member’s list that in turn contains links to the webpages of its members. While I can not pretend to know anything about these schools, there are a number of anomalies about the webpages listed here. I do not know if these irregularities indicate problems, but taken together, they make me feel that a degree from a school accredited by the WAUC will not help you get a job.

1. InterContinential University of Washington, which is featured on the WUAC’s ‘Featured Member’ link, does not seem to have an address, or at least I could not find one. It’s website links to a Madison University, which is listed as a separate member. The website tells us that, “Madison University maintains regular business hours”, and contains some pictures of a beautiful building. I’d like to find out where that building is and go see it, but the webpage doesn’t help me at all.

2. Some of the members, such as the American International University of Management and Technology, have no contact information except FAX numbers. This is strange, since AIUMT has a webpage. Perhaps WAUC is just too busy to keep the public informed of contact information about their members. I was also unable to find an address of any kind on their webpage, although they do claim to have an alumni association that has one.

3. The link to the American National University is inactive. I almost made the mistake of confusing the American National University with the National American University, which is a well-established private university with 13 campuses nation-wide. Strange how their names are so similar.

4. The American World University website states that they are located at
2220 Market Street
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39567 USA
The website carries the rather unusual disclaimer



5. The Atlantic National University has no linked website. I was able to find this website, which claims to have WAUC accreditation. The school has a rather elaborate website that contains scans of their accreditation from the US Department of State. I’m no expert, but these appear to be copies of a business license and have no bearing on the educational value of the school. The most interesting aspect of the school is their Yahoo e-mail address, which appears both on the WAUC link and the school’s contact page.

6. I could find no reference whatsoever to the California University of Management Science.

7. I could find no reference to Cambridge State University.

8. The European University of Lefke has no link listed, but I was able to find a school with the same name in Cyprus. This website gives an elaborate description of their location that includes a campus map. They also claim to be having a symposium in November this year. The website states that the school is recognized by the Council for Higher Education in Turkey, but there is no reference to WAUC accreditation. The contrast between information available for the European University of Lefke and the other member schools makes me wonder if these are different schools.

9. Freie Und Private Universtiate Sersi claims to have 5 faculties with a total of 25 departments. The school has enormously high standards. Take a look at their admission statement.

Because we are convinced of the fundamental importance of practical experience, the University admits onto its degree courses only candidates who have an excellent basic training and who can show that they have worked at a high professional level for at least three years.

The size of their website caught my attention. While it is well designed, I find it strange that such a seemingly large school has such a small website. Contrast this school’s site with that of your own school, and you’ll see what I mean.

10. The website of Hegel International University is written in Japanese, which by itself is not strange. I have some working knowledge of Japanese and was able to stumble my way through their site. The school offers a vast number of graduate degrees. A page entitled, “About Hegel International University” gives a Hawaii address for the school. Another page with the same title, gives a Japanese contact address in the Tokyo satellite town of Ofuna. Interestingly, this page also provides a lot of detail about the school’s business licensing.

11. The International University for Graduate Studies has no link or webpage and should no be confused with the well-known Graduate Institute of International Studies.

12. The International School of Management is not linked through the WAUC website. This school has an extensive faculty listing, as well as publication and conference notices, but it’s not clear to me what these mean. The publications page does not give the name of even one single publication and the link to the university’s journal is inactive. I was unable to locate the journal through a Yahoo search, which was only able to locate the same inactive link described above. In fact, I have had a great deal of trouble finding other references to journals listed as published by Inderscience. For example, Inderscience claims to publish 5 Healthcare journals, but I could find no reference to the International Journal of Electronic Healthcare on Yahoo, and the massive library of the University of British Columbia in Canada does not hold this journal. The same is true for the International Journal of Environment and Healthcare. The faculty list is very long and impressive, until one realizes that it does not list even one single publication from the school. I have not been able to verify that the school and its teachers are responsible for even one publication.

13. The Washington InterContinental University webpage also fails to provide an address, which could be why it contains the following disclaimer

However, WAUC is a private accreditation organization not listed with any government agency or the US Department of Education. WIU never makes any representation, promises or guarantees of acceptability of transfer credit to any other public or private educational institution. Students should consult the Institution he or she is interested in for their acceptance.

14. I found numerous references to a Laureate University, but the website URL provided on the WAUC webpage is not linked to anything.

15. Novus University has no webpage links, but I was able to find this school. However, the only page of the site that is active is the homepage–that’s it. I highly recommend that you take a look at their explanation for why they don’t have an address.

16. The Patent University of America has no link listed, and I was not able to find a webpage.

17. St. Clements University is perhaps the most interesting of them all. The WAUC links to this webpage. The school appears to have limited resources and warns students that, “St Clements University is gradually developing a permanent faculty”. The schools webpage is amazingly transparent, providing a list of doctoral recipients since 1996. Some of those listed appear to be established people and include Dr. Ridgeway Liwena whose work includes The Gabon Disaster : Zambia’s soccer miracle. Other aspects of their faculty seem quite strange. For example, Dr. Phyllis Vannuffel, one of their 2003 doctoral recipients is the director of the teacher training center at the school. Dr Wong Eng Kong is listed on their website as an Independent Council Member. The website states that Dr. Matthew M Timbo is, “…is currently employed at the Golden Gate University”, although what he does there is a mystery. A web search could reveal no trace of him at the school. Dr Phil Russo is described as a director and President of the Guild of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Accountants. It is not clear to me what the Guild is. It describes itself as a “Guild of Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Accountants”, but as far as I know, there is no such legal designation, so the title could mean anything. The page is linked to St. Clements and to another school in Britain. In addition, it is linked to an inactive page for the Canadian School of Management and an Irish group called the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IFPM) , which itself is linked to St. Clements. I am not certain that its graduates hold any position of consequence.

18. The Universal Church of the Master does not provide a web link, but I found this organization. Aside from how one feels about psychic powers and channeling, I could find no reference on this site to educational products or any other need for educational accreditation. I am not certain they are the same organizations.

19. The Universidad Internacional De Las Américas website is written in Spanish, which I can not read. It is interesting to note that the website shares the rather small size that other schools accredited by the WAUC have.

20. The largest source of links to the University of Global Religious Studies appear related to St. Clements University. Otherwise, I could find no reference to the school.

21. There appears to be no webpage for the University of Health Science.

22. Universidad Central links to this page, but it appears inactive.


Let’s try to draw some conclusions about the members of the World Association of Universities and Colleges.

Its members seem extremely hard to locate. Many do not provide addresses or convincing information that they exist beyond their web presence. I found some schools with the same names as members, but so vague is the information given by the Association that I am not sure if they are the same schools. Members of the association have amazingly small webpages for a university in spite of the claims of some that they are enormous schools. Graduates of some schools seem for the most part affiliated with the schools themselves or with organizations whose function is not clear.

It would appear that many of these schools are not learning institutions in the sense that we understand them. Rather, they are commercial businesses involved in the marketing of educational products. It is difficult to say what value, if any, their ‘education’ provides.

I can not speak for others, but I would not hire someone based on educational attainment at any school that is a member of the World Association of Universities and Colleges. As much as International TESOL is accredited by the WAUC, it is meaningless to me, and I suspect many, many others.



After reading “The World Association of Universities and Colleges” article posted 23 June 2004, I am very glad to say that I did not enrol in a degree with any of these institutes.
I found this link while reading this article –
It would be really useful if all governments listed (in an easy to use way) organisations that are accredited and those that are fraudulent. That would make life a lot easier!!
Thank you to the writer of this article.

Dear Sir,

Quote: You wrote, “I can not speak for others, but I would not hire someone based on educational attainment at any school that is a member of the World Association of Universities and Colleges.” (





Be Well,

From a Passerby commentor

There are a number of aspects to your question.

First, my comments concerned the schools I listed in my post. This has nothing to do with how I feel about what you call non-traditional education. None of them appear to be schools in any sense of the term. The information they provide to the public leads me to believe that all they do is sell diplomas.

There are many people who have a high level of work experience and skills that also hold degrees earned through that experience and skill. If I were to hire them, it would be because they had that level of skill and experience already. What difference would the piece of paper mean? In fact, this is a question I have asked repeatedly; what is the diploma supposed to mean? Clearly, very few employers would hire someone with a diploma from the schools I listed if theyknew how that diploma were earned. In most cases, the use of these diplomas is deception. In almost all the other cases, it’s vanity. Subsequently, I don’t understand what the point of paying for one of these things could be.

People who have graduated from one of the regionally accredited universities in the USA know that individuals who come from places like ITT are not accredited by one of the regional accreditation bodies, but rather they are accredited by some smaller lesser known accredited body [Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)] that results in a limited if any credit transferability to these regionally accredited universities; who are the preeminent accreditation bodies in the USA.

ITT makes no effort to provide the source of their accreditation, which given the afore mentioned information regarding their accreditation it seems obvious as to why.

So, when Tim Hooks stated that ITT is not accredited (shorthand term or slang for being not regionally accredited) he was essentially stating that since it is not accredited by one of the regional accreditation bodies (which means that it’s credits likely will not be acceptably transferable into a regionally accredited institution, unlike one regional accredited university to another regional accredited university transfer) it’s credits are unacceptable and hence unaccredited.

It is common knowledge to people living in the USA that in engineering, technical, and many other disciplines persons that graduated from these established and highly accepted regional accreditation bodies are referred to as having graduated from an accredited (regionally accredited, which is accepted all over the USA, unlike others we know) institution, and those that don’t graduate from a regionally accredited institution are referred to as being unaccredited (unaccredited and unaccepted to the regionally accredited institution’s graduates, faculty, and credit transfer evaluators). The fact that the government provides financial assistance to individuals is irrelevant since the government is not the ones who enforce and establish the accreditations in the USA.

ITT says regarding this matter,

Will A Student’s Credits Transfer?
Decisions concerning the acceptance of ITT Technical Institute credits by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. ITT Technical Institute makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any ITT Technical Institute credits to any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute. It is unlikely that any credits earned at an ITT Technical Institute will be transferable to or accepted by any institution other than an ITT Technical Institute.

Students considering continuing their education at, or transferring to, any institution other than ITT Technical Institute must not assume that credits earned at ITT Technical Institute will be accepted by the receiving institution. An institution’s accreditation does not guarantee that credits earned at that institution will be accepted for transfer by the other institution. Students must contact the registrar of the receiving institution to determine what ITT Technical Institute credits, if any, that institution will accept.

While it may be true that ITT students may receive aid based upon its accreditation this says nothing with regard to it’s ability to provide students with an education comparable to those found in the regional accredited pool of students who make up the majority of real USA originated graduated “Engineers”. Besides, many of ITT’s degrees are “Applied Science” degrees and not “Science” degrees. And all those with any knowledge of the engineering and electronics field know that it is highly unlikely that any real high quality manufacturer is going accept them as a “Designer”. Perhaps this is just one more reason why Tim Hooks as well as many others referred to ITT as unaccredited.

This comment may make sense to graduates of Rochville, but it is ridiculous. There is simply no comparison between the kind of accreditation that Rochville claims and the kind that ITI has. While ITI’s accreditation may be of limited value in obtaining recognition for its degrees, Rochville’s accreditation from the Board of Online Universities Accreditation is completely meaningless. ITI’s accrediation is recognized by some other schools. Rochville’s credit is not. To claim that these are equivalent forms of accreditation is ridiculous.

I am glad to see that Mr. Anderson is willing to point out in public that his degree was awarded from Rochville. Rochville’s website claims “that have been catering to the educational needs of over 38,000 working adults and students.” The net should be full of references to their graduates — unless the vast majority, like our friend Anonymous, are trying to hide their identity.

My opinions on distance learning degrees are based on the basic premise: “Why do you need the degree in the first place?” If one is a working professional, with years of experiential knowledge, and he/she wants to top off their career with a degree they can “earn” in their spare time… then so be it. Whether it is accredited by any of the “regionals” is inconsequential. As long as it is acceptible by their “employer,” then they should pursue it on their terms.
So again, its all relative as to why you need or seek a degree. * Of course, if one needs a degree for licensing, then they should stick with regional accreditation,(approved by the US Dept. of Ed.) as this is universally accepted.

Dear Sir

Is the American World University recognised or accredited by the American Education Dept


A state government’s list of invalid degrees.
Federal Government Reports on Diplomia Mills

American World university is accredited by World association of UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. It is not accredited by regional agency nor Education Department of USA. it is well known university.Indonesian Vice president has this university degree because it is globally university.its education charges are very small and its president is original phd degree holder. i hope , this university will be accredited soon. i am satisfy with AWU.

American World university is like accredited but nonaccreditted.Dr.Asher should try to recognise her university…m.qasim

I find it comical for people to put down what they don’t understand. They just don’t get “it” that show lack of any real education. People are so shelterminded that they forget to realize that there is more ways of learning and gaining education at the post secondary education. Take a military veteran such as myself. I served six years honorable for our country and have went to many military schools that the government says are college equal to courses taken.
These people put down schools that they themselved belleive are bad. They try to find something wrong with something just to make a statment so they will look smart. But they blew their cover by even speaking. I agree on a notion that says specifically on job applications if a degree is regionally accredited and if not by who. Does the alternative post secondary institution have a solid accreditation critiera. So yes it should be know what accreditation your degree holds. Hopefully people would make their time spent on enriching their lives and may people always remember that there is Alternative post secondary education. Just like public schools have alternative schools. I agree employers would probably perfer the real high school diploma. But in the end it all comes down to what kind of people we are what sparks us, what makes us different and how will we preform. Again I beleive they are fradulant degree orginazations. American World University is not on that I would consider bad. For my thesis it was 77 pages and contained 50 sources. It was rejected three time for correcting and completing the Masters degree. I took 30 credits with the thesis. Dr Justin Cyr

DeaR All!

The American World University is not accredited by any agency but only by WAUC which is another fraudulent organisation.

The WAUC is registerted in the state of Nevada and is in default.

THeie emial cannot be accessed.

The tel is always set on an answering mode.

The American World University forced top leave Hawaii and Iowa fior defraudindg students


Much have been said about the American World University.These are my comments.

A person living in our community and working at the Singapore Pier one day hosted a party. I was invited for it and the ocassion, the host received his PHD from American World University. the Community was surprised because the host lacked basic common place behaviour and knowledge.

During my visit to the US I visted the Us dept of Education who showed me a list of accredited universities and the American World University was not listed . The WAUC was also not listed as an accrediting body.
One of your readers say that the vice president of Indonesia got his PHD from American World University hence it is recognised. Even the Palestine leader was awarded PHD from the University. This is a marketing gimmick to receive patronage. I am sure these leaders do not know any thing about the whereabouts of the university.

For the information and guidance of all vistors looking for degrees. Please check with the US dept of eductaion before venturing into it.

Please log on to the Hawaii State official website and you can read the casse against the American World University filed by the state.

The court had ordered two of the University’s office to shut down and pay $240, 000 back to the students.

I checked with an accomplice in Pascagoula and she says that there is no such university at the address given on the website by the university.

Dr. Soo Hien ( PHD, MBA )
Robinson Road

I like to add the following to the existing string.

I bumbped into an Indonesian man working as a clerk in the post office in Jakarta holding a Masters Degree in Business Management from American World University.

I am sure the University is just selling their degrees like noodles and rambutan.

The Ministry of education here does not accept this qualification.

I aggree with Dr. Soo on her comments and hope people are more cautious.

Rockney ( MBA )
Financial Analyst

My sister in Australia has graduated from the American World University of Pascagoula USA.

She was first very happy and proud but later s through some of her Chinese friends she realised that the University practices fraud.

She appraoched the Education Dept in Australia and was informed that it is not recognised in Australia nor in most countries.

I recommend students in Australia reading this posting to spread the news around.

Keith Cyrus

It all comes down to a simple typo. As anyone who has been through the WASC process knows, after 1,000 and 1 sleepless nights, it is quite easy to type WAUC. However, you won’t get accredidated whatever the world thinks about U.

To my knowledge the WAUC is not a recognised accrediting body in the US dept of Education Listing.

If one looks at the list of Universities accredited by WAUC one can find that all those universities exist only on webpages. They neither give their correct contact numbers or are alawys on an answering mode.This is because they operate through answering services.

I have been a lecturer for some time and i have also checked on the American World University. The President of this university is also the president of WAUC.

Now what the AWU does and to make things look credible enough, assignments are sent and all degrees are awarded only after submitting assignments. These assignments can be taken or helped by anyone.

Please log on to Yahoo Search
Type: maxine asher pascagoula

Many links are provided and one can determine for oneself if the WAUC and AWU are credible enough.

There are two types of people involved in this activity

1. People who know that the University is not recognised but degrees are available easily

2. People who are duped

I like to advice the second group. Please do your homework well before you invest in education.

For students wishing to migrate to the US, there are some states in the US which mentions on their govt website that presenting a university qualification from a degree mill or unaccredited universities can result in criminal prosecution.

Please chechk with the Dept of Education Us which lists all universities accredited rather than going by bloated advertisements appearing in the media or websites.

Dr. Mary Ingold
Hong Kong

This is a response to the comments posted by Dr. Justin Cyr on 20May,2005.

Dr Justin states that his thesis contained 77 pages and 50 sources and the American World University rejected his thesis 3 times.

Yes, this is quite natural for any degree mill to do that at random to make others beleive that it is genuine.

I can vouch that so many others have received their PHD’s from the same university only with expeience and a short essay and sometimes without an esaay.

There are many fraudulent banks especially the ones promoting chain enrollments. They reject some applicants, they accept others and they dish out money to people who have not even completed the chain. Tjis is just to spread the word of mouth. Others who hear this think that that the bank is genuine. In a short time they stimulate enough money and then vanish. Then they surface in another country under different names.

This is exactly what the degree mills in the United states are doing. When detected in one state, they move to another.Thus evading even the tax enforcement agents.

I had the opportunity to help a student through a thesis for his Masters degree of American World University.

Since I was not aware of this university, I checked with the United States Dept of Eduaction and I was told that the University is not accredtied.

The University was shut down by the Hawai Govt as well as the Iowa Govt for defraauding students.

I personally urge Dr, Justin Cyr to check with the US authorities to see if his PHD is ever recognised.

The Dept of Education in US has stated that some of the Degree mills are issuing up to fifty PHD’s in a yaer.

Taking the entire life span of maany top Universities, I dont think any University awards that many PHDS’s .

I know many American Universities in existence sine 100 years and awarded less than 50 PHD’s in its entire life.

Dr. Justin I admire your 77 pages of hard work but I advice go to the right place.

Many people now walk around Hong Kong holding PHD’s and I am ashamed.


It is obvious that many of the people getting
these degrees are not the most capable of getting a degree in many of the accredited
colleges. Why? Listen and some of the grammar
and spelling that is being used.

Selemat Pagi!

I worked in a large pineapple processing factory in Malaysia.

My kawan one day told me that he has passed his MBA from the best American University.

I coulld not believe since my kawan had no intellect to pass the exam.

Later I found out that the MBA was from American World University.This university is not recognised in USA.

I asked him the full form of MBA and he said ” Management Business Administration ”

I corrected him and said Master of Business Administration.

Not a joke but the naked truth.So many people in China, Indonesia and Malaysia are falling victims.

Some of the Universities are offering MBA and PHD within one week.Just pay your duit
and the degree arrives.

Dr Soo has posted very good information and people have to follow her advice.

Production Manager

Education has become highly commercialised and with the coming of the internet matters have gone from bad to worse.

Any one can host a University on the Website with colourful campuses and misleading slogans .

The United States of America is taking its toll in having the largest number of Universities registered there. Some of the states are very flexible in granting licence to operate.

There are many universities appearing on websites and is considered as degree mills by most US agencies and the American World University is one big example.

They do not have a campus nor anfy faculty that it claims.

Being an educationalist I wish to advice all potential students to first check the cedibility of the University from the CHEA ( Council for Higher Education and Accrediatation ) The CHEA does not recognise the American World Univeersity nor the WAUC.

Cost Accountant

I have accidentally come to this website , an interesting one. Many PHD holders have expressed their cncerns about the many fake American Universities and their qualifications.

It spills my chine, since they have all expressed concerns. I know how hard one has to slog to get a Bachelors degree from even a not so pupular but ethical university .

Here comes a bunch of people who just receive their PHD’s overnight and hold their heads up in the air.

From the discussions I have come to understand that quite a lot of people are becoming victims to these worthless qualifications.

Al these aroused a curiousit in me to excavate the truth and for the benefit of all the student population in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Australia and the Pacific , here is what i like to convey.

American World University: This University was chased out of the state of Hawaii for defrauding students. The Circuit Court of Hawaii has ordered the University to shut two of its offices there and to reimburse students $240,000. This information is available on the OFFICIAL WEB SITE of the State of Hawaii. Please log on to that website and see and read it yourself before you venture into it.

The University then moved into the State of Iowa , where they were opeartinag from 3 rooms ( Imagine a University which claims to be the largest university in the world and having 3 rooms ) This is the place where the University was receiving emails and printing out the degrees.The State of Iowa identified it and chased it out from there.

The University nw is based in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Educationalists and Congressmen say that there are a few states left where the rules are a bit lax and the University operates from there.

The address provided on the website by the University and the telepone number mentioned there belongs to a company called Answer Plus a telephone answering service, located on a store front. The job of Answer Plus is just to receive ovewrseas calls , pass it n to the President of the University.

Please log on to the most popular tabloid in Mississippi called the SUN HERALD, type American World University , and you can read all the news which appeared.

To reconfirm this , I picked up my phone , dialled the number and was answered by a lady identifying as Answer Plus.

Students who register are then directed to pay their fees to an account maintained in Phoenix,Arizona under the name American World Enterprises and nt University ( Imagine a large University unable to open an account in the name of the university.)
This act is a violation andd the tax enforcement authorities are looking into it, due to the numerous complaints that they receive from overseas students.

The students who remit the money to this account are then directed to fax the bank transmission to the President of the University located in California.

The University is not accredited by the CHEA ( Council for Higher Education and Accreditation ) nor by the US Dept of Education .

Then the WAUC ( World Association of Universities and Colleges ) lcated according to the website in Henderson , Nevada .This body too is not recognisded and is presided by the president of American Worlds University.

I fully agree with many of your well informed readers who have posted their comments about WAUC. All the members f WAUC are degree mills . They do not exist beyond the websites and if they do, then they are only there to award degrees rather than to impart knowledge.

I am sure that I have given enough evidence and for your reader who commented that the VICE PRESIDENT of INDONESIA has obtained that qualification and hence it is a recognised University is a baseless argument.Many of the educationalists have already commented on that statement.

I know a banker who was fired from three jobs for bungling funds and later obtained a PHD from an American University by paying money and started lecturing at a College in Europe. It was later discovered that the qualification was from a degree mill , and being prosecuted.The European Union is now strict on accepting qaualifications from unauthorised Universities.

I would like to thank Scott Sommers for hosting this very informative blog , which I am sure is benefitting thousands of students in the Pacific Rim.

Dr.Kim Cheong
Specialist in Education and Psychology

I am into education and I like to thank Scott Sommers on his excellent master piece the Taiwan Blog.

Many educationalists are able to express and exchange ideas confornting the educational field today.

I like to strongly point out that , one mistake that people generally do is to underestimate national qualifications and praise foreing qualifications.

This wrong notion has led to the mushrooming of many American Universities, which are operating from backyards with a laser printer and a secretary to receive calls. They then print the degrees and courier them to the respective destinations.

The US dept of education says that the degree mills together are doing busineess to mammoth amounts running into millions of dollars each year.

They target students in South America, Central America, AFRICA , Middle East, Asia and Pacific.

I know a Chinese student who got all very low grades in his degree prograame and got all distinctions in his Masters degree of an American University which he earned through correspondence.

I later read on the website that the same University was ordered to be closed from Iowa.( American World University )

For all those liking to know more about American World University , please log on to
Type : American World University

You will gety all the news about the University that appeared in the Sun Herald.

As I said earlier we are at fault., when one hears an American Degree , we immediately visualise a big campus with thousands of students, and professors , but the actual truth is they appear only on websites to deceive browsers.

As Robert Frost who rightly said ” We always cherish a Rose in our Neighbours Garden and not in our own ”

We cherish American Qualifications even if it is awarded from a Degree Mill , than our National degrees awarded from a credible university at home.

I advice students and employees not to fatten the bank balances of these fake universities whose presidents are living luxurious and pompous lives by defrauding students.

Any University that offers a degree or a PHD without first seeing your previous qualifications, should be questioned.

Please also note that none of these Universities like Amertican World University has American Students, because it will not sell. The cat will be out immediately.

Deborah Advinculla
Interior Designer

I have read so many stories about the American World University. This university is known to many Chinese.

Can somebody responsible tell me if this UNIVERSITY is recognised in Taiwan or is it a Degree Mill.

Soo Lian

Dear Soo Lian

This is in response to your question.

The American World University as far as I know is not approved by the Dept of Eductaion of US nor by the CHEA ( Council for Higher Education and Accreditation )

There are many accrediting socities in US but many of them are not approved.

The common practice that is found in US is, many of the degree mills themselves form associations anf give colourful names and websites. This is only a marketing gimmick.

Also be informed that many of the US states have laid down very clearly that uisng qualifications from degree mills or unaccredited universities while applying for jobs can face criminal charges.

My advice is first go to the website of CHEA, where you can find very good distance leraning universities, or go to the website of the US Dept of Education .

It is not starnge to see that most of the students enrolling are not from the US but oversaes.

I hope the response is clear.

Tian Cheong


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