Lu Ying-ying

Lu Ying-ying

Lu Ying-ying (呂瀅瀅)is the youngest member of the Taipei City Council. While running for this office in December last year, Ms. Lu gave an interview to the Taipei Times in which she advocated the licensing and special training of foreign English teachers. The article about the interview produced quite a bit of discussion on the Segue Website. Since then, she has gone on to appoint herself the guardian of English standards in Taipei see (Mayor Ma is Blasted for Poor English Web Sites China Post April 3, 2003. Sorry, this article didn’t make their website).

I am not entirely clear what qualifies Ms. Lu for such a role. The Taipei Times interview described her as follows, “Lu was an English teacher before participating in the councilor election. She owned a Sesame Street English school in Shihpai.” However, her information page on the Taipei City Council Website states that she has no education to speak of. After graduating from high school, she attended a school whose name directly translates into the “American Pacific University Bushiban”. The school does not have a Web page, but I was able to locate a similar message on a Chinese language Website. It would appear that the “American Pacific University Bushiban” is a cram school.

Why Ms. Lu advocates special education and licensing for foreign teachers, but not their employers, is quite mysterious. I have tried to clear up this confusion by contacting her. I have e-mailed her twice, but received no reply. If you’re wondering what qualifies her to be the defender and guardian of Taipei’s English standards, Taiwan being a democracy, you too can write her at her City Council address and ask.


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